We all love animals, but the feeling inside us changes when it comes to stray dogs or other animals like cows or birds. We rarely treat them the same as we do the pets at our home. That is where Mission Bezubaan comes into play. That community took the initiative to help these stray creatures by giving them the proper home and care that they needed at the moment. Bezubaan means “Cannot speak”. Indeed, the animals cannot speak about their needs, so this community is the voice of such pets and helps them fulfill all their needs.

They take them to the veterinarian whenever any animal is sick or not feeling well. They have encountered an uncountable number of dogs and cows, keeping them safe. Now, they have started doing the same for birds as well. They provide them with healthy animal food, which keeps them fit and sound. A pot of water has been kept under the trees for the birds and cows. The animals are kept with the other animals, so they do not feel alone. Many cats, cows, birds, and other animals still need help and care. The community has also got a list of the best veterinary doctors who care for them and make them healthy again.

Dogs are the most loyal animals on this planet, and they are emotional supporters for most of us. They are the protectors of our house, and even the stray dogs keep strangers and dangerous people out of your society, eventually making it a safe place for you to live. Likewise, birds keep the home jolly and are prone to death due to starvation, which is why this community gives them food and water. All animals are the same, whether stray or at your house. They need the same care irrespective of their location. They cannot speak for themselves, but many people understand their requirements. Some of the animal doctors do indeed love to be around animals.

It would be grateful to them if they got what the need of an hour is. For this, Mission Bezubaan requires help from the people in society. Either giving them food or even bringing them to a safe place would be more than enough to show your love for animals. One can even donate some amount of money so that the community can arrange the things that these animals might want. Looking at happy animals reflects the healthy mind of human beings, and thus, animals are called emotional supporters.

The community also organises some animal events where the dogs and birds participate and perform various activities that make them happy and thrill. There is even a cow event where abandoned cows get treated if they’re sick. The donated money is a lot of help in forming such animal parties in which one could get to see many animals performing and entertaining themselves. Mission Bezubaan has been doing a lot for these stray creatures by providing them with more than they need and would continue to do the same until they got all the dogs, cats, cows, and other animals safe and healthy. Because that’s what their undertaking is – to be a voice for voiceless creatures.

Mission Bezubaan

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