With the name of Uttarakhand, the first word attached to it is religion or holiness. Anyone can be acquainted with the sacred temples, adventurous land, hill stations, ancient sites and many more present in the Land of Gods – Uttarakhand.

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As a local guide, they could learn about zillions of details that would otherwise be unavailable on Google or any other search engine.

Local people staying there for more than a decade probably know more than any new person visiting the hill stations. Therefore, they could make them aware of many unknown facts about only locals’ places.

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Haridwar Dham is nothing without Yatra and donation with a pure heart. We also take care of not only tourists but stray animals. One of our vital attributes is getting fresh and healthy groceries with fast delivery.

Donation & Charity

Visiting a temple or any sacred place is so peaceful, and it is believed that anyone’s sin can be washed. People willing to donate can do so to various charities or needy to gain blessings from God. One can also contribute in some family members’ names.

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Meet Our Team

For any mission or dream to complete, a team always act as a prop to move about the steps. And for this hard work and passion, they need appreciation and recognition to achieve this long-awaited wish. We are in this long haul and will continue to spread information about Uttarakhand.

Madelyn Torff

Marketing Head

Tiana Gouse

Project Manager

Client Reveiws

To trust any information, we need to verify it on our own or authorise the feedback received after delivering some services. Our customers seem to be happy with the services they have experienced.


"I got a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment after donating money to HARIDWAR DHAM. Many things in our life we can take for granted, but a lot of people are deprived of certain must haves like healthcare , shelter, food. If donating a little can help bring a change in the life needy child and kids , its totally worth it. The inner satisfaction cannot be explained in words after doing such great work in life.
Shikha Saxena
"The more you give, the richer you feel - here its just not the proverb, I have actually felt this .helping in Mission Bezubaan Campaign which lead to give food to the stray animals and a lovely living beings on earth. We people still capable enough to make a big difference in the life of other people
Bhanu Pratap Singh
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Latest Posts & Articles

We have showcased our latest posts and blogs to inform our Uttaranchal people or tourists about the place or nearby. One must not forget about the culture and the history of any site. So, anyone can read the articles and keep in mind the past of Uttarakhand.


Pilgrimage Tirthayatra (Teerth Yatra) has been one of the five obligations of each Hindu,

Online Home/Ashram delivery in Haridwar

The best thing about HaridwarMart is that it delivers fresh and healthy products online

Ganga Aarti at Har ki Paudi Haridwar

According to Hindu beliefs, taking a holy bath in the Ganges at specific festivals will result in

Places to visit near Haridwar within 100 km

Uttarakhand is the Land of Rivers and Mountains and the Land of Gods. Tehri was a tiny town in

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This section is for any queries anyone wants to ask us about touring in Uttarakhand and touring here in this religious place or anything else. So, without any hesitation, click on Contact Us to get answers to your questions or give suggestions.

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