Online Home/Ashram delivery in Haridwar

Since its inception in 2019, HaridwarMart has proved effective. Our objective is to serve our clients with excellent customer service as well as high-quality items. HaridwarMart provides fresh veggies, fruits, and certain other household goods at cheap prices with no shipping cost around the Haridwar area. Abhishek Arya (Founder) has almost 6 years of expertise in the IT sector, as well as sales experience, and thus is enthusiastic about surpassing your standards.

The order for the various groceries and fruits can be placed on this website through or from the WhatsApp number also. You can call on 9540788285 to place your order. The website also has a personal chatbot to sort out any queries of their customers.

Unlike any other retail apps, HaridwarMart does not charge any shipping cost for the delivery of products. Returning and refunding the products is also easily done without any unforeseen inconvenience. One can track their items online also or ask the chatbot simply.

For delivery of the Bhandara items or Puja items, you can order from the HaridwarMart where the fruits, vegetables, sweets, and even the fruits basket to the delivery address and in Ashram as well. The website also delivers puja-related items such as various havan samagri, puja kits, Abhishek items, havan kund, and many more.

Heavy discounts would be imposed on the bulk orders which profit mostly the customer, and they tend to tell other people about the shop. The website believes in giving discounts to their customers for their buying expectations.

The best thing about HaridwarMart is that it delivers fresh and healthy products online to its customers. The website thinks for the customer’s needs more than with the business mind. The fresh products thus need a speedy delivery within the same day or in a day. Therefore, the HaridwarMart delivers the products in a single day or on the same day to maintain their richness.

One can also order for their loved one’s special day or even on their birthday to take advantage of one-day delivery from HaridwarMart. For the birthday special, we deliver the special handmade card along with the ordered fruits or sweets. Along with that, one can also order in bulk for the old age home for the old people and make them happy for a while and get blessings for life.


If you are not living in India, then also this website is useful in getting orders of various puja items or Bhandara items from places outside India. This also implies that we accept foreign payments and there would be no problem during the transaction.

The website HaridwarMart also runs a scheme for their special customers who regularly buy from there, they get cash back for completing their monthly order which is also one of the plus points for using the website for consistent need. Click here for Monthly plans

One of the best features about this website is that they do not charge more than the market price which is good for the customer. So basically, they save a lot of your money and are worth the charges because of the fresh and healthy products that they deliver. It also saves a lot of your precious time through the one-day delivery which is more than asking.

Online Home/Ashram Delivery in Haridwar

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